Support Subscription

Customers that have an active support subscription benefit from the following:
  • Software updates
  • Phone and email help desk support
  • Support ticket system accessible through your web account

Customers that are not on a subscription plan and do not have a support agreement may still use their purchased Soaring Software Solutions, Inc. product(s).

On-Site Training

A member of the Soaring Software Solutions, Inc. team will travel to your location and teach a class that encompasses all features of the software customized for your specific needs. There is no minimum or maximum class size for this training. The only limitation is the size of the facility you can provide for the training.

Training at Soaring Software Solutions, Inc.

Training is performed at the Soaring Software Solutions, Inc. office located in Swanton, OH. This training is quoted per trainee attending per day. There is no maximum or minimum class size. It is recommended to bring your mobile computer to follow along with the course, but not necessary.

Remote Training

A web based training presentation will be available to allow our trainer and any number of trainees to participate in a live online training experience. A computer with an internet connection will be necessary for the training. The video portion of the training will be handled through screen sharing of the trainer's computer through the web conference provider and the audio provided through the conference provider supports two way talking, allowing for questions and answers during the training.

Database Hosting

For customers who do not wish to manage their own TCMax database, we offer a database creation, management, and hosting service via a Microsoft Azure datacenter. This service requires a persistent internet connection.

Training Videos

Training videos will soon be available as a subscription based service. When subscribed, your account will have access to a multitude of training videos and tutorials created in-house by our developers and IT personnel.

Custom Reports

Custom reports can be ordered and imported into your TCMax installation. Reports are quoted by estimated hours for the report. Once the report has been created, using the built-in Report Designer, you will be able to import the created report which will become usable immediately.

Custom Charts/Graphs

Custom graphs and charts can be ordered and imported into your TCMax installation. Graphs and charts are quoted by estimated hours for the graphs or charts. Once the graphs or charts have been created using the built-in Chart Designer, you will be able to import the created chart or graph which will become usable immediately.

Spreadsheet Import

The spreadsheet import service allows for the formatting and importation of a spreadsheet into a TCMax database. One import allows for up to 1,000 line items, however multiple orders can be combined for larger sheets. Once prepared, the information that has been imported/prepared can be printed on sheets of labels of either 1/2" or 3/8" size and mailed to you for use.

Custom Printed Chits

Customers that still use a chitting system can have custom chits created and mailed directly to you with this service. The design that is applied to the various chits can be designed to specification. There is a minimum order quantity of 60 items for each custom printed product.

Custom Printed Cards

Proximity cards, magnetic strip cards, and standard plastic cards can have custom printed designs place printed on them. The cards are supplied with the order and each different type of card can be ordered with custom printing. There is a minimum order quantity of 10 items for proximity cards and 30 for magnetic strip cards.

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